I have been delving into complexity over the past several months.  What is complexity?  What problems are created by the increasing layers of complexity in our systems, technologies, and lives. So, it should be no surprise that I was drawn to an article about the Kludgeocracy in America by Steven M Teles in the current National Affairs Magazine.   The article is somewhat more political (although blessedly non-partisan) than I usually like to cover in this blog, but Teles makes some interesting points that have applicability as we engineer processes and build systems to support those processes.
A "kludge" is.

Strategic Executers of Change

No matter what your organization does, you face constant change.  Change comes from  all around us. It comes at us  from our environment, the technologies we use,  our customers,  competitors, and  suppliers.  Our entire value chain or ecosystem changes at an ever increasing rate.   No organization has the luxury of standing still in today's world. For us, the challenge is getting ahead of the changing environment, and to be the one who shape the future, not the ones shaped by it.   In her latest article at BA Times, Kathleen (Kitty) Hass challenges business analysts to become strategic executors of.