CollabaCore, Inc

CollabaCore is a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2012 with one simple goal:

To help companies harness the power of the cloud to improve collaboration and communication, with the emphasis on better project execution.  Our first product, CollabaCore-RM focuses on the requirement gathering and management process.

A study from IAG Consulting found that the average organization will consume over 41.5% of its new project development resources on unnecessary or poorly specified requirements.

There are many factors leading to inadequate requirements.  Poor communications, lack of focus, and a lack of tools play in to the problems.  CollabaCore-RM helps teams create better requirements.

  • Cloud based to facilitate communications across time zones and geographies
  • Integrated visual models
  • Supports industry leading methodologies


David G. Lister


David G. Lister - founder

David brings over 20 years of software engineering and project management experience to CollabaCore.  David’s previous companies include General Electric, Adobe, and Flashpoint Technologies.

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Lee Amon



Lee Amon brings a wealth of marketing experience and knowledge to CollabaCore.   During his 20+ years as a silicon valley marketer, Lee has managed the launch of software products serving functions as diverse as pharmaceutical research and accounting.

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