CollabaCore-RM was designed with input from software engineering experts to help development teams manage requirements.  Using CollabaCore-RM teams will improve their entire requirements process, speeding development, improving quality, and lowering costs.

  • Increased collaboration. The number one factor for successful projects is user engagement, but getting users and stakeholders engaged is difficult, at best. Most stakeholders are busy just doing their jobs. It can be challenging to gather their input and reactions to user stories, rationals, and requirements.  CollabaCore-RM makes the entire requirement available to every stakeholder in real time. Comments are easily added to the process.
  • Consistent language throughout your organization.  Ambiguous requirements can slow a project down, or even lead developers in the wrong direction.  CollabaCore-RM allows you to create a company or project based glossary, to define terms clearly and consistently.
  • Better Communications.  In today’s world, users, analysts, developers, and testers are widely distributed.  In fact, they could be anywhere in the world.  Communications between users and developers is always a difficult proposition.  CollabaCore-RM supports distributed teams with a real time, cloud based tool. Better communication = more collaboration = success.
  • Support for industry leading methodologies
  • Agile or Waterfall Projects

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