#BBCCon – Business events as the focal point of analysis

Today was the last day of the Building Business Capabilities conference in Las Vegas.  Wow! It was a crammed 2 1/2 days, with lots of great presentations.   I am energized and exhausted (if such a thing is possible) There was one session today that I really thought was outstanding.  It was simple, yet powerful, and described a method of eliciting requirements that makes real sense. John Bethke  gave a dynamite presentation on the use of business events as the focal point for business analysis:
An analysis approach based on business events defines the who, what and when of an enterprise or business.

#BBCCon – What is the role of requirements management in the Agile Environment

Day 2 at the Building Business Capabilities (IIBA) conference  (#BBCCon) . I learned today that there are 108 sessions in the conference.  Wow!   At times, it was hard to decide which session to select.  Today I attended sessions on Agile, Business Process Management, and Business Rules. There was a lot of great content through the day, but one theme came up again and again in the agile sessions. It is a myth that agile projects do not need you to document requirements.  The agile manifesto says
Working software over comprehensive documentation
The key word is comprehensive.  Do the requirements documentation that you need.