Faster Development, Lower Cost, Happier Users

Getting the requirements right is the foundation of successful development, and organizations that fully engage users and stakeholders gather requirements that are more accurate, more complete,  and less ambiguous.
Better requirements means faster development, less rework, and better results.

CollabaCore-RM is a cloud based requirements management tool build to support industry leading methodologies for accurate requirements gathering.  Some of the features contained in CollabaCore-RM include:

  • Integrated visual modeling  – because a picture is worth a thousand “the system shall” statements.
  • Social networking . – like chatter and community forums, that help to engage users, customers, and other stakeholders, resulting in better communication and improved collaboration
  • Flexible approval processes –  that fit the way your organization operates.
  • Improved traceability – from requirements to test conditions.
  • Support for agile or waterfall processes.

CollabaCore-RM can help your organization to build better products, and build them faster, and less expensively.  To learn more, arrange a demo, or get a quote, contact us today.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, or a couple of hundred "The system shall..." statements. People think visually, and simple drawing can often communicate more clearly than a long text. CollabaCore-RM integrates a visual modelling tool that lets you communicate with all your stakeholders


User engagement is the key to successful projects. Yet most requirements management tools do nothing to help teams collaborate. CollabaCore-RM is different, providing a combination of visual modeling and collaboration tools that will improve communication for your entire team, resulting in better, more accurate requirements, faster development, less rework, lower cost, and better results


Managing requirements is a major challenge for many companies. CollabaCore-RM can help you manage changes, keeping project creep at bay, and verify that all requirements have valid test and acceptance criteria. Prioritize what's important and manage the rest with CollabaCore-RM