Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty simple.   We don’t sell, loan, trade, or otherwise disclose personal information unless we need to in order to deliver a service that you have requested.

Information we collect

Like many other websites, The we use HTTP cookies, which store data in readers’ web browsers. These cookies allow us to remember readers and not require subscribers to log in every time they visit us. Cookies assign a unique numerical identifier to your web browser or device and allow us to recognize you and relate your usage to other information about you, such as usage information and personal information. If readers do not wish to receive cookies, they can disable them by adjusting the settings in their web browsers. Cookies, log files, and analytics technologies (such as Google Analytics and Sitemeter) enable to us to better understand our readership and cater to it. Examples of information we may collect on our readership: the number and types of pages visited, duration of visit, location, subscription status, IP address, and referral website.

Registration, logging in and subscribing

At some time in the future, we may require that users log in to obtain some specialized pieces of information, including demos, videos, white papers and case studies

 Privacy Policy Updates:

We may update this privacy policy occasionally. We will notify you about significant changes to this policy by placing a notice on our website. If you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please fill out the form on our contact page,