David G. Lister


While working toward his undergraduate degree in physics at Denison University, David cut his teeth on 8080 machine code at Numonics Corporation where he systems and applications code for the company’s digitizer. It was such a wonderful experience that David chose to follow the computer science career path.

After undergraduate school David worked for the Battelle Memorial Institute where he designed a control system for a continuously variable transmission system which is now used in many hybrid vehicles, implemented software that would allow graphical display of data that was extracted from a database, and did some image processing studies for an experiment that was performed on the Space Shuttle.

David then went back to school at The Ohio State University where he was a graduate research assistant at the Computer Graphics Research Group where he worked on hardware and software solutions for CGI problems that pioneered many of the effects that you see in the movies now.

After four years of graduate studies in computer science and electrical enginering, David worked for the following firms:

– General Electric, Silicon Systems Technology Department – David championed and implemented CGI algorithims in software, hardware, and custom ICs to accelerate CAD display systems.

– Data General Corporation, UNIX Software Division – David was responsible for a group that implemented the X Window System clients on DG/UX based on the Motorola 88K processor.

– Adobe Systems, Display Products Group – David was responsible for the implementation of the Display PostScript System for the SunOS, Solaris, and Silicon Graphics platforms.

– Adobe Systems, Acrobat Software – David was in charge of the group that was responsible for the Acrobat Viewer for all UNIX platforms as well being the champion for what is now called the Adobe Acrobat PDF Library.

– Flashpoint Technology – David was in charge of the core software group that developed a core operating system and graphical user interface for digital cameras.

In 2000 David started Digital Daemons, Inc., a consulting firm concentrating on software project management, contract software development, and technology assessment. He worked on a broad spectrum of projects that involved development using C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Derby, and Apache.

David spends his free time flying general aviation aircraft, golfing, shooting skeet and trap, and riding his motorcycle.