Lee Amon

Lee Amon brings a wealth of marketing experience and knowledge to CollabaCore.   During his 20+ years as a silicon valley marketer, Lee has managed the launch of software products serving functions as diverse as pharmaceutical research and accounting.

Lee has held marketing functions at major silicon valley companies including GE/Calma, Chips and Technologies, and MDL Information Systems.  As director of marketing at MDL, Lee was the driving force behind a series of new software products designed to support pharmaceutical research, helping scientists to be more efficient and productive.

Most recently, Lee was director of marketing at Silicon Valley Accountants, where he managed the launch of the Accelerated Financial Reporting Manager (AFRM) a SaaS solution designed to help accounting teams operate improve reporting processes, and to help companies (in the words of one customer) get better information, faster.

Lee has provided strategic and tactical marketing consulting to a wide variety of companies  in industries as diverse as power distribution, consumer goods, and photographic software. Lee has advised companies on issues ranging from social media strategies and eCommerce to the creation of national sales force organizations.

Lee holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, and has taught marketing at both a graduate and undergraduate level with University of Phoenix Online and Upper Iowa University Online.